i am a visionary lightcode channel, crystal reiki intuitive shamanic healer, Spiritual wellness guide, dragon spirit healer and akashic healing guide IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT...

We are a spiritual being in a physical body. It is not easy to navigate life with sovereignty and joy when you feel disconnected to your inner truth being blocked by traumas from this life time and the past/ parallel lives. I am here to assist you in a healing spiritual journey of self love, so you feel empowered and in alignment by remembering and connecting to your beautiful soul essence of love and light. We all deserve to live a happy life deeply supported by the abundance of the Universal energy and it is only possible by going inwards.You do not need to do it alone. I am here for you with all my heart.

Love and light with gratitude,


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Channeled Healing Reading and Guidance

 Remote session only


Remote session only

I tune into your energy field remotely.  Readings will be given through either phone chat after I channeled or recording that I work on my own. Please provide your face shot of today with your legal full name and your intention.

This is a reading from the higher perspective from your higherself about your soul.  Find out your soul message to get an insight for yourself,  so you can navigate your life being guided in alignment.  For example the cause of your traumas, why you are going through what you are experiencing in your life, what is the past life memory/experience  that you should know in this life time for your soul growth and what are your soul gifts and soul path, etc. Ask questions focused to yourself and your life. The best questions are starting with what, why and how.


Energy exchange $111  with 1 question included and any additional question is $33 each added to $111 in  the same session.



Remote session only

I go to your chakra centers and receive the visionary downloads to find out how the energy in each chakra is doing in this moment.  It is usually all stories of emotions you had buried which has caused trauma to get stuck and unresolved issues remain. It is truly helpful and a great way to bring your awareness to your inner energy centers and get an insight for what is happening within energetically to find out what is needed to accelerate the healing process. You will learn in which chakra the heavy energy and trauma are stuck and the energy vibration behind what is going on that your higherslf is ready to share in the moment I tune in. It is a choice to heal yourself. 


Energy exchange $222

It is recommended that as I read into your chakra, you also receive the healing energy transmission on the spot that is needed to get your chakra energy in alignment. Look into "Chakara Awareness Therapy" below for deeper healing option and read the details for the energy transmission offer. 

Energy exchange $333 Super Deal


Remote session only

May be what you are looking for is a guidance and direction to come into your inner knowing and making decisions by tapping into your inner voice, self love and your own gut feelings. As you find healthy solutions to heal yourself, you will also come to connect with your inner power and trust your wisdom. This is a video call or phone session where I listen to your current matters that you want to discuss and I give you an intuitive spiritual insight and wisdom that come through me to guide you in your soul alignement journey. This is not a psychology session. This is for souls who wants to get conncted to your higherself to be in alignement and activate your potentials to be your own guide and a healer by getting guidance to find your clarity and solution that your soul desire. 

30 minutes energy chat

Energy exchange $111

45 minutes energy chat

Energy exchange $166



Remote session only 

Under construction

This is a crystal divination reading about your past, present and future.


Divinely Guided Crystal Reiki Channeled Energy Healing Transmission Therapy (Shamanic Healing is applied depending on the case. All my sessions are unique each time and custom tailored to their healing journey. )

This offering is for energy healing transmission therapy using healing crystals and the Universal healing force of  REIKI energy. Please NOTE that depending on the offer you are choosing, I will be spending anywhere between 30-60 minutes behind the scene preparing your personalized crystal layout because I want the best outcome for your highest good and I am very devoted and serious about your healing through my healing offerings. 

I also channel during the session and receive divinely guided messages and insights. For the distance session, please provide your face shot of today with your legal full name and your intention. It does not matter if you are in front of me physically or not as you can read it in testimonial.  Energy has no boundary. What matters the most is how much you can surrender to allow the power of Divine healing to come through to you and trust my work as I will be working with your higher self.

If you feel curious but nervous as this may be a new territory for you, we can set up an appointment for a free 11 minutes consultation. Please connect with me via contact page.

The healing effect amplifies as you receive a weekly or at least 1-2 sessions a month to align your energy to bring back self love and more light you deserve into your heart and a whole being, so you can continue walking towards your healing path ahead.


Remote session and in person session available 

Let the Universal Healing Energy of REIKI (霊気) flow through your body and support you heal where it’s needed for your highest good with intuitively selected crystals energy to work in team.

Please provide your face photo of today, your legal full name and your intention. The healing crystals will be put on a proxy. Energy has no boundary. You will receive the full effect of the healing. We will tune in at the same time.


The main focus for this therapy is “STRESS RELIEF" and for you to feel deep relaxation that you deserve and feel calmness and lightness in your energy body.


For the intuitively chosen crystals, I will focus on "Stress Relief Crystal Layout" unless a client has any specific emotion that needs energetic support to be relieved from. One of the followings par session (see the list below:)




-Burn out


-Emotional response to aging



-Heart break



-Mood swings

-Shadow Belief


-Stagnation/feeling stuck

Or wish to amplify the positive energy to bring in more support to be in alignment:




-Clarity and focus






-Inner child healing

-Self LOVE

-Self worth

-Self awareness

Or we can  focus on  bringing a balance to the  7 chakras if that is what is calling for you. 

60 minutes 

Energy exchange $222

Bundle offer: 10 sessions $2222 and get the 11th as a gift

-Consultation via questionnaires
-MINIMAL use of intuitively chosen healing crystals during the session for your 7 chakras to support you energetically.
-Energy Clearing.

-Divinely Guided Channeled message.
-Energy transmission chat after the session.


Remote and in person session available

Here we focus both on the divine crystal healing energy and the Universal Healing Energy of REIKI (霊気) to  flow through your body and support you heal where it’s needed for your highest good with carefully and intuitively selected crystal energy to work in team for all your 7 chakras and either feet or hands as needed.


OPTION 1: Spiritual Transformational Support

Bring in the high frequency healing crystals to support your intention of your spiritual growth and soul gifts such as abundance consciousness,  expanding consciousness, boosting intuition, integrating soul level peace, divine masculine and feminine energy and aura cleansing and healing. 

OPTION 2: Physical Mental Emotional Support.

Bringing in the deep relaxation through the crystal reiki energy to get a relief especially from STRESS, (or Blood pressure due to stress),  ANXIETY, FEAR,  ANGER, FATIGUE, ACTIVE MIND, RESTLESSNESS, INSOMNIA, BURN OUT, EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD, NERVOUSNESS and PHYSICAL SYMTOMS such as pain, indigestion, headache, recovering from illness etc. 

Trust in healing and surrender.  

80 minutes 
Energy exchange $333


-Consultation via questionnaires

-Guiding meditation for grounding and centering 
-MAXIMUM use of carefully and intuitively chosen healing crystals for your 7 chakras and either feet or hands or both depends on the needs.
-Energy Clearing

-Cord cutting to not specified souls using crystals.

-Shamanic 4 elemental healing. 

-Divinely Guided Channeled message.

-Energy transmission chat after the session


65  minutes
Energy exchange $288

Bundle of 4 follow ups: $1111



Remote and in person session available

Support bringing a balance to your chakras by understanding your energy in each chakra through the CHAKRA HEALING ALIGNMENT READING and receive the crystal reiki channeled energy healing transmission in the same session addressing your issue of your concern. Allowing the power combo of the Universal Healing Energy of Reiki and beautiful healing crystal vibration and frequency to work in team. 

Crystals will be carefully and specifically chosen for your need and for your intention to bring in the magic. They will be placed directly upon your body or on a proxy in the remote healing. Receive love, deep relaxation, support and healing that you need in this moment.

80 minutes
Energy exchange $333


-Consultation via questionnaires

-Chakra Energy Scan and Reading and healing

-Guiding meditation for grounding and centering 

-MAXIMUM use of Carefully and intuitively chosen healing crystals for your 7 chakras and either feet or hands or both depends on the needs.

-Energy Clearing.

-Cord cutting to not specified souls.​

-Divinely Guided Channeled message.

-Energy transmission chat after the session


65  minutes
Energy exchange $288

Bundle of 4 follow ups: $1111


Remote and in person session available

This offer is dedicated for “Deep Divers,”
who are seriously interested in working on “shadow work,” and ready to make a commitment and investment for deep healing transformational energy transmission through multiple sessions as needed in a minimal necessity. The goal is that you would not need my assistance as you heal and integrate the tools to heal yourself as we go.

It is highly effective healing process as deep rooted energy can only be healed through giving needed time to heal by working through the layers of stuck energy with love, courage, trust and perseverance.

Crystals are carefully, skillfully and intuitively chosen for your healing and empowerment to work in layers over the course of multiple sessions.

111 minutes
Energy exchange for the initial therapy session $555


-Consultation via questionnaires and phone

-Chakra Energy Scan and Reading and healing

-Guiding meditation for grounding and centering 

-MAXIMUM use of intuitively and carefully chosen healing crystals
to support you energetically. 

-Energy Clearing.

-Cord Cutting.

-Divinely Guided Channeled message.


-Guiding a mindful integration of the energy transmission from the session. -Energy meditation and affirmation.

-Intuitive healing guidance for daily application.

-Cord cutting to not specified souls if necessary.

-Energy clearing

-Energy transmission chat after the session


70 minutes
Energy exchange $333

Bundle of 4 follow ups: $1234


Divinely Guided Channeled Distant Dragon Spirit Energy Clearance and Protection Transmission

Remote session only

Remote session only and for EMERGENCY CARE or for an annual energy clearance and protection. NOT available as a regular session.

This is the fastest and the most mystical, magical and potent  healing energy transmission that I offer for souls who are in need of an urgent energy clearing and energy boost and protection in this moment to get through the heaviness of  muck, grief, hurt, shock, fear, pain, sorrow, negative energy that you got stuck in.

Dragon Spirits know exactly what needs to be done energetically to enable you to tap into your own power that you need in this moment, so you can clear the blockages and gather your strength to keep moving towards your deeper healing journey ahead.

I call in the team of dragons and work with Lemurian seed crystal and other high vibration crystals during this transmission.


Please provide the photo of your face today, your legal full name and your intention. 

This is an urgent quick and powerful energy clearing and protection of your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional body to get through this moment with energetic support you need from the Dragon spirits.  As a healer, I felt the need to provide an ofer where people can receive an immediate healing in the moment of energetic crisis or feeling stuck in chronic heaviness that one feels in dark place. 

Please note that this offer is NOT offered as a regular healing transmission.  It is a potent transmission and the energy transmission and the wisdom passed on is enough to process and integrate for the next 3-6 months or more.  


Return souls  who wish once or twice a year for energy protection and clearing or another  EMERGENCY  situation before that is served upon their need. Trust in divinely guided healing energy transmission. When you allow, the Dragons will be there to support you.


The Dragon Spirit Magic Energy Transmission does NOT  heal any wounds as it needs to be addressed individually with your awareness. For trauma healing, please check "Chakra Awareness" or "Ready for Self Love /Shadow work" energy transmission offers. 

The Dragon Spirit Magic brings in Chi flow to your chakras, clears heaviness and supports you with  much needed love energy to protect you. You may feel more grounded, light, peaceful and happy feelings in your heart, a sense of deep knowing, calmness, etc and flow of powerful new energy to support you keep going with your healing journey and path of empowerment for deeper healing ahead. 

5-10 minutes consultation.
+10-13 minutes energy transmission.
+15 minutes after care energy chat.

Energy Exchange for the first timer emergency  $88

Return Souls or upon request for energy clearing and protection  $ 155



Shamanic Healing Energy Transmission

Remote and in person session available

Welcome Soulfull Unity (Shamanic Soul Retrieval)


Do you ever feel that a part of yourself feels like missing? And you are NOT a whole self?   


We lose a part of our souls through potentially physically and emotionally damaging traumatic experiences. This is a graceful soul mechanism for our survival, yet when our parts of soul is missing, we can not feel as a whole. 


You feel any of the followings:

-deep inconsolable hurt and sorrow


-emotionally disconnected to your feelings 

-lost interest in life or to take care of yourself

-no purpose, focus, direction

-in chronic depression

-physically ill

-no power in yourself and no energy

-Schizopherenia or  psychotic desire to break out of reality 

-gaps in your memory

-no control in your life

Let's bring back pieces of your lost souls if you feel ready to welcome them back and make necessary changes in your life.

Shamanic Soul retrieval

Energy exchange $222

Trust Me.
I will take you on to an empowering soul healing journey IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN POWER TO HEAL YOUSELF.


I am for real.

Allow yourself to receive healing that you deserve.

Healing is a choice of self love. 

We can choose to free ourselves from suffering.

Trust your inner love and light.

You are so powerful.

You are so loved.

Tap into your wisdom.

Everything you need is all within.

It is time to activate your own light.


Let's find out what will unfold.

Get in touch with me.