Divinely Guided Channeled Shamanic Healing Transmission

Remote and in person session available. 

To cut energetic ties with people who control you who are alive and passed away.




Divinely Guided Channeled Crystal Reiki Energy Healing Transmission >

This is one of my specialities for shadow work integration process. We humans can cord to others just through our thoughts. It is an energetic tie that is not needed as it creates trauma. Imagine, it is like having a leash connected to each other. Your world feels limited, heavy and contracting.  Cords are unhealthy way of controlling other souls that there are no benefits to both parties. You lose your energy. You lose the balance of who you truly are, confidence, self esteem and  joy in your life. Your loved ones can still care for you without cording you through crystalline beam of light gently showering over you. The life affirming and supportive way of connections are what empower our relationships,  spirits and enhances our spiritual growth where you are free from energetic cords. 

If you feel you have an unhealthy attachment to someone that you feel you are losing focus in life or you feel someone you know either alive or passed away is having power over your sovereignty that you can not fully express yourself freely without shrinking and feel manipulated, scared, it is time to let yourself be free by cutting the energetic cords to those souls. These people could be someone you know well  in your close blood line like parents, siblings, relatives, or someone who raised you, or lovers and exes and someone who are abusive to you or abused you. Allow yourself be free from the heaviness, distortion and fear that do not belong to you and prevents you from being who you truly are. 



HOW: We tune in at the same time. If you are in distance, I call you through video call. If you are visiting my healing practice, I will have you laydown. Then I go energetically to the person who has a cord with you in the shamanic state of consciousness. I will ask that person's higherself and ask to release the cord.  It needs to be done with love and gratitude for the lessons that were brought to you to be where you are today through the cord which you also allowed it to take place. 

Anyone who is cording you also needs healing to let the cord truly be cut in a respectful and caring manner. So I will also heal the soul of the person who is cording you and at the same time, I will deliver the divinely guided message that this person's higherself has for you.

Then after the cord cutting is completed, since it is rather a sudden change for your mental, emotional and energetic body,  I will provide a powerful combo of personalized healing crystals to maximize the integration support for what your body is experiencing. And I will work on an energy healing transmission using crystal and healing light.  



- up to 15 minutes consultation before the session date.

-10 minutes energy chat during the session.

- up to 70 (1 soul), 85  (2 souls), 100 (3 souls) minutes  shamanic energy transmission. 

-Shamanic Healing Chant

-Guided meditation

-Empowering Crystal Reiki Energy Healing Transmission

-Aura cleanse

-Healing through usage of the natural elements

-A focused chakra healing use of a personalized crystal healing layout prepared in advance

-up to 20 minutes after care energy chat

-70 minutes behind the scene shamanic healing work preparation

1  soul cord cutting + divinely guided channeled messages + empowering crystal reiki  energy healing  transmission. 

-up to 140 minutes  Energy exchange $444

 2  souls cord cutting

-up to 155 minutes  Energy exchange $555

 3 souls cord cutting

-up to 170 minutes  Energy exchange $666

Please note: I can only offer to cut up to 3 souls in one session but can not promise if 3 is possible depends on many factors. 2 for sure. Ask for details.

Please inquire about other types of  shamanic healing which I also offer if interested.



"Yuko I am eternally grateful to you for your shamanic healing work because I was able to cut the tie that tied me to my ex-partner, my mother and my son.  The channeling was so real that through you,  the divine souls were able to communicate in their highest frequency of love and forgiveness of these three beings. 

The information you gave me was so REAL... about what had happened with those people.
You are a pure Yuko channel.  And an impeccable shaman/ medium. 
I have so much confidence in this work that I am doing with you that my soul decided to change my whole trip and stay 15 more days in Pura Vida Magic where you do these impeccable and conscientious works.  It was something that moved my interior a lot and I spent two days to settle so much information.  I have received many sessions in my life to heal my physical and soul pain. I have met some mediums who channel ascended Masters... but no one like you who could enter the soul of someone alive and get the most worthy divinity out of it.
I changed my trip plan and staying here for extra 2 weeks and I want 6 more sessions and hopefully in words I can describe and convey with this message to all who reads it how real and healing this experience is. 
Only Magic happened these days after our sessions...
Yuko my gratitude is eternal towards you and your responsible work.
Hopefully this message reaches many beautiful souls who need to align their being with their own divinity.
Thank you thank you thank you .  I can only tell this today because I have been able to process it. 

Yuko you are an excellent Medium and Healer. 

I love you so much."

Pia, Argentina