Everything is energy.
Trauma is energy stuck in your energy body. In my healing practice, I physically assist in transmuting, activating, removing and transmitting energy
through energy healing transmission therapy.
Surrender to the power of energy healing through the magical offers below.

"I had the honor to have experienced one of Yuko's crystal healings. She has a natural gift and knows how to hold a very safe space. I felt in good hands the whole session and was able to release some deep wounds. I felt also very supported afterwards for the integration that is very important for this kind of work. Thank you Yuko for sharing your gifts to the world. You are one of the rare and gifted ones."

Myranda, Costa Rica



I intuitively tap into what comes to best serve  you in the present moment as no single healing is the same. SO what is required is that you TRUST and SURRENDER to what I can bring through me to you that can not be known
in advance to facilitate your healing process.  That is where the magic comes in.

IT is an individual empowering journey of healing and receiving lightcode frequency to upgrade your energy to be free and shine in your own lights

I am a visionary lightcode channel, crystal reiki intuitive shamanic healer, Spiritual wellness guide, dragon spirit healer and akashic chakra healing guide IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT and my mission  is expanding as it needs to be, so that I can be in service for what I came here to do.

Connect with me to dive into an energy healing journey.  I am ready whenever you are.
Thanks for your trust in my work.

We are a spiritual being in a physical body. It is not easy to navigate life with sovereignty and joy when you feel disconnected to your inner truth being blocked by traumas from this life time and the past/ parallel lives. I am here to assist you in a healing spiritual journey of self love, so you feel empowered and in alignment by remembering and connecting to your beautiful soul essence of love and light. We all deserve to live a happy life deeply supported by the abundance of the Universal energy and it is only possible by going inwards.You do not need to do it alone. I am here for you with all my heart.

Love and light with gratitude,


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Divinely Guided Crystal Reiki Channeled Energy Healing Transmission THERAPY 

Remote and in person session available

If you choose the bundle offer, please know that you are working with an intuitive healer. None of the follow up sessions will be exactly repeated as more things will come up and I attune and respond to the need of your energy upgrade each time to the best of my ability. 

This offering is for energy healing transmission therapy using healing crystals and the Universal healing force of  REIKI energy. If you feel curious and want to learn more as this may be a new territory for you, we can set up an appointment for a free 11 minutes consultation. Please connect with me via contact page or via IG @puravidartist.


CRYSTAL ENERGY: Crystals are an effective stone medicine of high frequency energy gifted to the Earth from the Divine that can not be replaced or replicated by other means. It has been a part of human life since the ancient time for wellness. Crystals can activate, transmute, infuse, and transform energy to help and facilitate your healing journey by bringing in crystal light codes into your energetic system and field. Everything is energy and healing crystals can play a significant role in creating effective and steady changes within your energy system. It is like receiving a vitamin shot into your energetic system when you feel less energy, or detox shot to gently let go of energies that no lnger serves you or supplelementary support where you need over all energy to get your act together on healing path which integrate into your energy system. We are enetgy-TRUST in energy healing.


REIKI: The word itself stems to an old Japanese word referring to Spiritual Healing Force, Spirit Energy Flow, Universal Life Energy. It is the same concept as Prana or Qi in other culture. The reiki practitioners can use the flow of  Reiki energy to bring in much needed healing energy for the client's need as it naturally adjusts and balances what needs to be in the state of harmony. 


CRYSTAL REIKI: Divine combination of energetic healing force of  the high frequency stone medicine and Reiki energy strategically put together to bring the maximum effect of energetic healing force for your highest good.  

NOTE: This is an energy healing THERAPY Just like a physical therapy needs multiple of continuous sessions to feel the stable positive change, energetic healing also needs time and dedication. The healing effect amplifies as you receive a weekly or at least 1-2 sessions a month to align your energy to bring back self love and more light you deserve into your heart and a whole being, so you can continue walking towards your healing path ahead with stable energy of support from the healing sessions. 

Depending on the offer you are choosing, I will be spending anywhere between 30-60 minutes behind the scene preparing your personalized crystal layout because I want the best outcome for your highest good and I am very devoted and serious about your healing through my healing offerings. I also channel during the session and receive divinely guided messages and insights.  It does not matter if you are in front of me physically or not as you can read it in testimonial.  Energy has no boundary. What matters the most is how much you can surrender to allow the power of Divine healing to come through to you and trust my work as I will be working with your higher self.

FOR REMOTE SESSIONSUBMIT: Please provide your face shot of today with your full legal name, your email address, your intention and your questions. The healing crystals will be put on a proxy. Energy has no boundary. You will receive the full effect of the healing. We will tune in at the same time.


Remote session only

The powerful REIKI ENERGY, the divine universal healing force will serve you by bringing in the deep relaxation that you need and releasing of stagnant energy that are no longer serving you for your highest good. I will be using a couple of high frequency crystals to maximize the healing force coming to you.  Surrender to the divine healing light. If there is a message from your higher self, I will deliver it to you at the end of the session. 

Energy exchange $188

40 minutes


Remote and in person session available

Let the Universal Healing Energy of REIKI (霊気) flow through your body and support you heal where it’s needed for your highest good with intuitively selected crystal energy for each chakra to work in team.


The main focus for this therapy is “STRESS RELIEF" and for you to feel deep relaxation that you deserve and feel calmness and lightness in your energy body to rebalance.


For the intuitively chosen crystals, I will focus on "Stress Relief Crystal Layout" unless a client has any specific emotion that needs energetic support to be relieved from. One of the followings par session (see the list below can be addressed:)




-Burn out


-Emotional response to aging



-Heart break



-Mood swings

-Shadow Belief


-Stagnation/feeling stuck

Or wish to amplify the positive energy to bring in more support to be in alignment:




-Clarity and focus






-Inner child healing

-Self LOVE

-Self worth

-Self awareness

Or we can  focus on  bringing a balance to the 7 chakras if that is what is calling for you. 

Energy exchange $333

105 minutes


-15 minutes Consultation 

-40 minutes Reiki and crystal energy transmission work

-Energy Clearing

-Cord cutting using crystals
-20 minutes Energy transmission chat after the session.

-Divinely guided channeled message

-30 minutes Behind the scene crystal layout preparation

-Personalized crystal layout prepared in advance


4 WEEKS (4 sessions of 90 minutes) + recorded meditation =$1333


Remote and in person session available

Here we focus both on the divine crystal healing energy and the Universal Healing Energy of REIKI (霊気) to  flow through your body and support you heal where it’s needed for your highest good with carefully and intuitively selected crystal energy to work in team for all your 7 chakras and either feet or hands as needed or both.

OPTION 1: Spiritual Transformational Support

Bring in the high frequency healing crystals to support your intention of your spiritual growth and soul gifts such as abundance consciousness,  expanding consciousness, boosting intuition, integrating soul level peace, divine masculine and feminine energy and aura cleansing and healing. 

OPTION 2: Physical Mental Emotional Support.

Bringing in the deep relaxation through the crystal reiki energy to get a relief especially from STRESS, (or Blood pressure due to stress),  STAGNANT ENERGY, ANXIETY, FEAR,  ANGER, FATIGUE, ACTIVE MIND, RESTLESSNESS, INSOMNIA, BURN OUT, EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD, NERVOUSNESS and PHYSICAL SYMTOMS such as pain, indigestion, headache, recovering from illness etc. 

Trust in healing and surrender.  

Initial Energy Exchange  $388

150 minutes


-30 minutes consultation via questionnaires or chat

-50 minutes reiki and crystal energy transmission work

-Guiding meditation for grounding and centering
-30 minutes energy transmission chat after the session

-Energy Clearing

-Cord cutting using crystals

-Divinely guided channeled message

-40 minutes behind the scene crystal layout preparation and channeling work

-MAXIMUM use of strategically and intuitively chosen healing crystals 

-Personalized crystal layout prepared in advance


Energy Exchange One Session $333

up to 90 minutes


4 WEEKS( Initial session + 3 follow up sessions: Total of 4 sessions) =1355

7WEEKS (Initial session + 6 follow up sessions. Total of 7 sessions) =$2355



Remote and in person session available

Support bringing a balance to your chakras by understanding your energy in each chakra through the CHAKRA HEALING ALIGNMENT READING and receive the crystal reiki channeled energy healing transmission in the same session addressing your issue of your concern. Allowing the power combo of the Universal Healing Energy of Reiki and beautiful healing crystal vibration and frequency to work in team. 

Crystals will be carefully and specifically chosen for your need and for your intention to bring in the magic. They will be placed directly upon your body or on a proxy in the remote healing. Receive love, deep relaxation, support and healing that you need in this moment.

Initial Energy exchange $444

-Up to 210 minutes 


-45 minutes initial consultation via questionnaires

-40-50 minutes reiki and crystal energy transmission work

-Guiding meditation for grounding and centering


-Psychic chakra healing transmission
-50 minutes energy transmission chat after the session

-Energy Clearing

-Cord cutting using crystals

-Divinely guided channeled message

-60 minutes behind the scene crystal layout preparation and channeling work

-MAXIMUM use of strategically and intuitively chosen healing crystals 

-Personalized crystal layout prepared in advance


Energy Exchange One Session $333

In the follow up therapy, there will be no chakra healing reading energy transmission. We will be focusing more on CRYSTAL REKI energy healing transmission now we know what support you need in which chakra to heal the root cause.

In each session, we will be focusing on bringing support to each chakra for the maximum energy balance and flow that is needed to go through the efficient healing process.

Up to 150  minutes  (20 minutes consultation, 40 minutes energy work, 30 minutes after care energy chat including divinely guided message.)

-60 minutes behind the scene crystal lay out preparation and channeling work


3 WEEKS (Initial session+2 follow up sessions)+recorded meditation =$1111

5 WEEKS (Initial session+4 follow up sessions+ recorded meditation =$1777





Thank you for your trust in my work.

For Spiritual Awakening Support, check here.


Remote and in person session available.





Walk in welcome. Divinely guided sound healing, energy clearance, crystal and reiki energy healing transmission session

In person session only

NOTE: This offer focuses on relaxation through reiki energy transmission, minimal on the spot intuitively chosen crystal medicine  fo your highest good and sound healing.  This session is ideal for energy maintenance to feel refreshed and to feel deep relaxation. For addressing deep rooted traumatic energy, please consult Yuko for a free 11 minutes consultation.

Make an appointment and just come for a deep relaxation, release of energy that are no longer serving you, receive plenty of lightcodes activation and healing through sounds, crystal medicine and reiki energy healing transmission. Get your aura cleansed. I am holding a safe peaceful space for you to be you and for you to leave feeling so good, recharged, relaxed and lighter filled with lots of love and lots of light.


Energy Exchange One Session $255

70 minutes


-15 minutes consultation

-40 minutes reiki and crystal energy transmission work

-Sound healing

-Energy Clearing

-Cord cutting using crystals
-15 minutes energy transmission chat after the session.


4 WEEKS (4 sessions of 70  minutes + 55 minutes initial  consultation included: Ideal for souls who desire a longer initial consultation time and want to receive a weekly session)=$1111

4 WEEKS (7 sessions of 70 minutes) =$999


Initial Consultation and Energy exchange $222

80 minutes


-40  minutes consultation 

-15-20 minutes reiki and crystal energy transmission work

-Sound healing

-Energy Clearing

-Cord cutting using crystals
-10-15 minutes energy transmission chat after the session.


Bundle recommended:

We can address bringing in deep relaxation, calmness, less anxiety and fear, and many emotional challenges.


6 WEEKS (6 sessions of 30-40 minutes)=$777


Shamanic Divinely Guided Channeled Distant Dragon Spirit Energy Transmission of Energy Clearance and Protection

Remote session only and for EMERGENCY CARE or

for an annual energy clearance and protection. NOT available as a regular session.


Shamanic Healing Energy Transmission

A soul healing journey of a personal ceremony + combined with Crystal Reiki Energy Healing Transmision

Remote and in person session available

<Welcome Soulfull Unity/ Shamanic Soul Retrieval>

Do you ever feel that a part of yourself feels like missing? And you are NOT a whole self?   


We lose a part of our souls through potentially physically and emotionally damaging traumatic experiences. This is a graceful soul mechanism for our survival, yet when our parts of soul is missing, we can not feel as a whole. 


You feel any of the followings:

-deep inconsolable hurt and sorrow


-emotionally disconnected to your feelings 

-lost interest in life or to take care of yourself

-no purpose, focus, direction

-in chronic depression

-physically ill

-no power in yourself and no energy

-Schizopherenia or  psychotic desire to break out of reality 

-gaps in your memory

-no control in your life

Let's bring back pieces of your lost souls if you feel ready to welcome them back and make necessary changes in your life through the shamanic soul retrieval transmission.

Energy exchange $444/$555/$666

up to 250 minutes 

- up to 40 minutes consultation through chat before the session date.

-10 minutes energy chat during the session

- 20-30 minutes + 50 minutes  shamanic energy transmission

-Shamanic Healing Chant

-Guided meditation

-Aura cleanse

-Healing through usage of the natural elements

-A focused chakra healing use of a personalized crystal healing layout prepared in advance if needed

-30 minutes after care energy chat

-80 minutes behind the scene shamanic healing work preparation

Please inquire about the following shamanic healing which I also offer if interested:

<Cord Cutting Integration + Cosmic Alignment Therapy>

Energy exchange


1  soul. Additional Soul $111. (2 souls $555. 3 souls $666)

I can only cut up to 3 souls in each session but can not promise. 2 for sure. Ask for details.

<Psychic Surgery for removing one intrusion + Cosmic Alignment Therapy>

Energy exchange


Ask for the followings for deails:

<Ancestral Healing>

<Time Line Healing>

<Gaia Healing>

<4 Elemental healing>

Trust your healing journey. invest in your own wellness. I will take you on to an empowering soul healing journey IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN POWER TO HEAL YOUSELF.

I am for real.

Allow yourself to receive healing that you deserve.

Healing is a choice of self love. 

We can choose to free ourselves from suffering.

Trust your inner love and light.

You are so powerful.

You are so loved.

Tap into your wisdom.

Everything you need is all within.

It is time to activate your own light.


Let's find out what will unfold.

Get in touch with me.