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Find out what your soul wants to be known to you through my service

Channeled Healing READING and GUIDANCE

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Sacred Chakra
Reading &  Healing 

Emotional and mental energetic imprinting are in your energy centers/ chakras which directly affect your being. Your thought process, action and how you show up to the world for yourself and for others are influenced by them.  Find out what areas you need to work on to bring more SELF LOVE for you to heal yourself, so you can navigate life with clarity to be in alignment with your soul essence to shine in your gifts which is your birth right. 



 Crystalline Oracle
Reading &  Healing 

Soul Client Sharing

Yuko is a truly gifted psychic and healer. She was spot on with her transmission about a challenging situation I am facing. The way she broke down the reading was clear and to the point, providing key insight to me as well as guidance as I processed the information.I felt that Yuko was channeling messages from the Divine without a doubt. I have worked with very accomplished and known psychics in NY and NJ in the past and felt that Yuko’s work was at the highest level.Yuko’s use of crystals, automatic writing, and other modalities gave the reading even more depth and richness.I would recommend Yuko’s work as a psychic and healer to anyone who needs clarity and/or guidance with life challenges.-Rachel B, NJ, USA

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Akashic Essence
Reading &  Healing 

We all carry information from our past lives in our soul. This information can be accessed through the Akashic record.   Find out what your soul wants you to know to activate your soul gifts, understand your life lesson in this life time to be able to navigate your present life with ease and joy, support your soul path and soul mission with understanding on soul level to be in alignment to facilitate the healing process.  


Healing is

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