Divinely Guided Crystal Reiki Shamanic Energy Healing Transmission and Spiritual Guidance



SOLD OUT for this year 2022.

Thank you very much for your trust in my work.



For Spiritual Awakening Support or Continuing Shadow work support, check here.

"I truly love you Yuko, we’re only halfway in to the deep self love dive and I feel truly transformed.  The “permanent” or lasting kind of transformation.  The kind of transformation that sets one on their true soul path.  I cannot put a price on this blessing of crossing paths with Yuko.

Yuko is the pure real deal."

Katherine, Lake Chelan, WA, USA

(Ready for Self Love, The Dragon Spirits Magic, Soul Healing + Healing Art Workshop)

"She is a great teacher. With gentle love and ferocious dedication and precision, she brought me to where I needed to be and gave me the tools to keep myself there."

I love you Yuko

Alice, Costa Rica

(The Dragon Spirits Magic, Chakra Awareness Therapy, Akashic Healing Reading)


"I had the honor to have experienced one of Yuko's crystal healings. She has a natural gift and knows how to hold a very safe space. I felt in good hands the whole session and was able to release some deep wounds. I felt also very supported afterwards for the integration that is very important for this kind of work. Thank you Yuko for sharing your gifts to the world. You are one of the rare and gifted ones."

Myranda, Costa Rica

(Chakra Awareness Therapy)

Alice, Costa Rica


"My crystal healing experience with Yuko was a journey to the depths of my soul. She is a great shaman, very conscientious and dedicated to her work. Yuko is a very pure channel.  And she is very connected with her guides, they are a luminous team.  I could feel it.  I was also able to perceive the astral surgery that she performed on me. Yuko does the healing in a safe and harmonic space, she feels the energy... and above all her dedication to choose and prepare the crystals according to each need. I put an intention to my healing and that channel was really opened in Yuko...

to receive through her a lot of light energy and a lot of love.
Thank you Yuko for your loving and sincere return.
It is a rebirth for my soul.
Infinite thanks."
I love you.

Pia, Argentina

(Divine Crystalline Empowerment Therapy)

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Deep Dive Soul Rebirth

This offer is my soul to soul, my soul life work, my love that I am putting everything of my being in this moment that I can share to assist you in empowering your healing journey; I created especially thinking about you, for you, that I have not met yet but I know a divine soul who is destined to cross path with me because you and I are aware that we are one unity of consciousness here to rise together to anchor in our own lights.


This 1:1 container is dedicated for a star sistar being and a star brother being, a star seed, a light worker,  a seeker whose soul has been waiting for this calling of a profound transformational healing and integration work of being who you truly are, so you can step into the world shining in your own light to keep spreading your light,  love and wisdom that you came here to share to assist in a sacred cosmic ascension process. To do that, your trauma healing comes first and utmost importance. 


You are ready to make a big lasting CHANGE and SHIFT in the way of expressing yourself and externalizing your being in relation to yourself and to the physical reality of the world. 


 “A Deep Diver” who is  seriously interested in working on “shadow work,” and ready to make a commitment and investment for deep healing transformational energy transmission and integration through multiple sessions as needed in a minimal necessity.


This is a space of NO JUDGEMENT. You are completely safe with me. Your active involvement and your trust to open up yourself to me is necessary in this container.


What is required is that  YOU COMMUNICATE WITH ME WITH YOUR WORDS COMING FROM YOUR HEART, so I understand you and see you, hear you, and  it also helps manifests faster to create your aligned reality. And trust the process, your own ability to heal and move forward to a higher ground.




I hold a safe, and strong container filled with all my love for you. And I mean it. 


The goal is that I assist you in the journey of aligning to your soul essence and soul truth of who you really are through allowing yourself to heal trauma facing your shadows and stuck energy that is no longer serving you and integrate the tools to heal yourself as a whole being as we go.  This process will enable  you keep raising your frequency to shine in your own light anchored in your power and it facilitates the Universe to work with your aligned desire come in to reality. 

Crystals are carefully, skillfully and intuitively chosen for your healing and empowerment to work in layers over the course of multiple sessions.

Trust in Transformation

Initial Session

-Up to 260 minutes 


Initial preparation one time

-90 minutes consultation via questionnaires and chat

Initial Session details

-40 minutes reiki and crystal energy transmission work

-Sound healing

-Guiding meditation for grounding and centering
-Up to 60 minutes energy transmission chat after the session

-Energy Clearing

-Cord cutting using crystals

-Pendulum energy healing

-Divinely guided channeled message

-80 minutes behind the scene crystal layout preparation and channeling work

-MAXIMUM use of strategically and intuitively chosen personalized crystal layout prepared in advance



-Guiding a mindful integration of the energy transmission from the session.

-Guided affirmation when it is necessary as we dive deeper into our healing process.

-Intuitive healing guidance for daily application.

-Pranayama meditation, visualization, and breath work.

-And anything that intuitively comes up to assist you.

-up to 190 minutes

(up to 30 minutes soul chat, 40 minutes energy work, up to 40 minutes after care energy chat including divinely guided message.)

-80 minutes behind the scene crystal lay out  preparation and channeling work.

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Anchor Your Light

Hi I am Yuko. Please read more about me as a healer here.


This ultimate custom tailored container will be presented in each session.  This is a very personalized series of sessions that is created as we go in the flow.  I will include everything at the best of my ability to facilitate the maximum energy healing journey designed especially for your need. Depending on the client, I also serve as a life coach, spiritual mentor on top of a soul healer.


It is in my best interest that I assist you thrive being who you are in your daily life, feeling happy, free and confident and feel sovereign embracing your own Divine gifts and power. And that you are here to share your gifts with others. 

In this empowering and open designed container of becoming more of yourself as we go, we will be working on different types of healing work and tools as needed to cultivate and nurture your soul transformational process through: soul chat, Pranayama meditation and breath work, mantra and sound vibration healing, visualization, affirmation, chakra healing reading, Akashic reading, crystal reiki energy transmission, personalized crystal grid transmission, shamanic soul retrieval, shamanic psychic surgery, shamanic cord cutting, ancestral healing, 4 elemental shamanic healing,  Art therapy, etc.

Details will be discussed as more is revealed what comes up in the each session. Be open to the practice of healing work that comes as it needs to be for your highest good. Trust the divinely guided healing process. 


10 WEEKS(1 weekly session a week) =$5555

PLUS a small special gift of a  personalized energy lightcode pen drawing with a desired intention given to the client after the 10th session.


10 WEEKS= $11111

-1 weekly energy healing session a week, total of 10. 

-1 weekly integration and guidance support of up to 70 minutes, total of 10.

 -1  medium size personalized water color activation transmission ORIGINAL  art after the completion of 10th session. (Please give me 3-4 weeks to complete the art.)

It is highly effective healing process as deep rooted energy can only be healed through giving needed time to heal by working through the layers of stuck energy with love, courage, trust and perseverance. Give yourself a chance and invest in your healing process if your souls is calling for this.

I am ready whenever you are.

Love and light with gratutude,